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#MommyDiaries is a blog where artist Tomisha Monae Kuzmic can house all her creativity and write about everything that embodies a mom. With her husband being a former professional basketball player on the Golden State Warriors and currently on Real Madrid Baloncesto, she’s traveled the world and finally settled in the country of Spain. Due to her experiences and a growing enthusiasm to share her passions and gifts, Tomisha’s blog covers her music, food recipes, fitness journey, and travel experiences. 

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Tomisha imagined her overall logo being simple, but attractive enough to get compliments from others. She chose to go with a fancy and handwritten logo style.

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Bio Page (Mobile View)

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Food & Recipes Blog (Mobile View)

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Summary of work done: Multiple short videos were trimmed and smoothly combined into a single video. Mistakes in the videos were cut out, and text frames replaced the audio of the interviewer who asked a few questions. Music that sounded best for a lively, mommy blog promo was was added in the background. Some text effects were also made, and a scrolling image of Tomisha’s Instagram page was displayed for visitors to follow her on the social media. See the Finished Video >

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Side Projects w/ the Maker of #Mommydiaries

Menu Graphic Design for Good Eats

Logo Design for Royal Beauty Bar

Royal Beauty Bar is a fashion place for nails, hair, and makeup. So, the overall feel and look Tomisha wanted was for the logo to be beautiful and glamorous. Liker her #mommydiaries logo, she preferred a simple, sleek, and modern logo in a cursive style.

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